Digital transformation / process
automation of operations

Global leader in B2B online language trainings | 2019/2020


Core processes:
95% of cases automated

Operational cost savings:

7-digit EUR savings p.a.

Initial investment:

Amortized within first year

The Company

The company has become a global leader in online foreign language training for corporates, serving many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge

The company had grown rapidly with the provision of online trainings, while core business processes around the admin of trainings were still mostly manual, e.g.

  • Learner onboarding
  • Learner and trainer matching with over 100 parameters
  • Course scheduling

The cost of delivery was too high. Further growth could only be accomplished by also growing the operations team beyond 75 people.

What needed to be done

The most labor-intensive core processes around learner onboarding and scheduling needed to be fully automated so that 95% of cases could be handled without human intervention. Also, a learner self-service option needed to be implemented.

The Resource Challenge

The company could not hire enough talented engineers to form a strong business process automation team.

The virtual in-house Team Approach

India team: 17-strong team (12 developers, 4 QA, 1 Scrum master)

Management: Product Owner in Germany (Nadja herself) 

Team ramp-up time: 10 weeks

Duration: 1 year initially – Team stayed on for different projects

The Tech Stack

Group 231


‘After struggling to get a good team for my project, we got great help from Oliver and his team within only a few weeks. Working with them was easy and they really understood what I needed. We finally got software developed on time that could ease the pain of growth both for the employees and the company. Our work was a big success!’

Nadja Westheermann
Product Manager