New core product development from scratch

Adair | 2021-2022


From idea to first client in only 6 months

First DAX-40 client with spectacular results:

“With Adair, CRM use has increased from 20% to a little less than 60%. We have achieved something that we have not been able to do in the past 10 years. Feel free to share that – a tripling of usage in six months!”

Susann Kluge
Head of Commercial Excellence Europe
BASF Agricultural Solutions

The Client

Adair is a startup providing a customer success management SaaS solution.

The Challenge

Adair’s founder team had a great idea, but no tech team to turn the idea into a product. The team knew it would take easily 6-9 months to ramp up a great development team in Germany, despite their strong network in IT.

What needed to be done

Adair’s CTO decided to do the product development with one of our managed teams from the beginning.

Tasks included:

  • Scoping of the Adair platform
  • Definition of architecture and data model
  • Definition of minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Development of MVP, including:
    • Data collection component
    • AI-driven data analytics component
    • Visualization of insights & recommendations
  • Set up of infrastructure on AWS cloud
  • Implementation of QA process

Our Approach

India team: 5 engineers

Management: 1 Product Owner based in Germany (Stephan himself)

Team ramp-up time: 3 weeks

Duration: ongoing

The Tech Stack

Group 230


We didn’t even try to get developers in Germany because from our experience it takes long and is very expensive to find matching developers. The start with Talentship was very fast.  We started coding already after 2-3 weeks. From project start to MVP it only took us half a year. My experience is very positive because I feel like the team in India are my colleagues and we share the same vision. I can only confirm the Talentship claims!

Stephan Haeussler