Software modernization & continuous feature development

Common Factor | 2019-2021


Business continuity risk avoided

100% modernized

100% stable and reliable

Infinite scalability achieved

Global availability in real-time, including China

Numerous important features added

The Client

Common Factor is a provider of development services for SaaS companies.

The Challenge

Common Factor developed a proprietary web-conferencing solution for a SaaS client many years ago, which had not been serviced or developed further since.

The component was mission critical to the client and at high risk. It was still partially built on Flash with its end-of-life approaching fast. The software was outdated, the code base monolithic, there were several security vulnerabilities and scalability had become a major problem, too. Also, it lacked very important features, e.g. a mobile App and MS Teams support.

What needed to be done

Common Factor had to modernize the software for the client at very high speed:

Tasks included:

  • Modernization of application
    • Update of frameworks and modularization of code base
    • Modernization of entire outdated java backend
    • Replacement of Flash with WebRTC
  • Making application run on smartphones and tablets
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

The Resource Challenge

There was only one engineer left working on the software, while Common Factor needed a full team quickly.

Our Approach

India team: 7 engineers (2 senior developers, 3 mid-level developers, 1 senior QA, 0.5 Scrum master)

Management: 1 Product Owner based in Germany

Team ramp-up time: 4 weeks

Duration: 1 year initially – Team stayed on for ongoing development

The Tech Stack

Group 232


‘Team ramp-up was surprisingly fast, when compared to my trying in my home market. The quality and speed of team output was awesome. I could deliver what my client expected of me in time, quality and even lower cost. Working with this team in India was like working with a strong team in Germany – no difference. So, I decided to hold on to the team for further feature development and for other projects as well.’

Markus Hanslik