Why Talentship?

We know how to build world-class IT teams fast and ensure delivery of premium quality

We have been in your shoes

As Founders, CEOs, CPOs and CTOs, we have run global SaaS companies for more than 20 years. We have built larger IT organizations, developed new products, accumulated technical debt, modernized platforms, used cutting-edge technologies, passed ISO and security audits and mastered GDPR. We have gone through venture capital, growth capital and private equity financing to trade sales and IPOs. We can relate to what works for you best at which stage of your company development.

We have practiced what we preach

We have developed the Talentship method out of necessity for our own SaaS company. Like so many, we did not believe in offshoring in the beginning. But we made it work with spectacular results: Output up by 200%, cost down by 50% (several million EUR p.a.). We don’t just give advise – we have done it ourselves.

We know how to make India work for you as well

Our Talentship method works for almost every Western IT organization. Having experienced the pitfalls ourselves, we will manage them for you and ensure your success. With our teams in Europe and in India, we are by your side and step in whenever necessary. We coach you until you have become pros yourselves. Our goal is for you to scale-up a world-class IT organization despite the prevailing IT talent crisis.

We deliver on our promises

We don’t overpromise and underdeliver. We know our Talentship method works and we can help you achieve spectacular results. That’s why we don’t shy away from a money-back guarantee.

Comparison with alternatives