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We help SMBs achieve individual goals such as improving service quality, reducing costs, and driving innovation through customized AI solutions - much more than just Happy AI!

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Current projects

Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI

Our AI solution transformed the customer support team of a company that seasonally doubled its staff in 14 languages. We automated simple and personalised responses to complex inquiries, saving the company time and money.
This resulted in 40% cost savings, improved service quality, and ROI in just six months. The MVP development time was just three months.

What we do

Our AI Services


Efficient AI Consulting: Customized Solutions

We help our customers find the most appropriate AI solution. Our focus is on providing advice from experts with 25 years of hands-on IT experience. From developing an AI strategy and creating an AI roadmap to sparring with CEOs and CTOs, we offer comprehensive AI consulting services.


Creative AI Development: From Concept to Implementation

We work with you to identify and assess your potential. Then we develop a functional AI application and/or business case that delivers. We use rapid prototyping and holistic development to ensure that each solution is effective and targeted.

AI TEAM Development

AI Team Development: From Interim Leadership to AI Team

In addition to consulting and development, we offer comprehensive support in building and strengthening your AI team. Our goal is to build sustainable AI teams that are able to develop innovative solutions and ensure the long-term success of your business.

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The Three Levels of AI Usage

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Off-the-Shelf AI-Tools

Standard AI assistance solutions, often referred to as 'Happy AI', provide a quick and easy way to use Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Chat-GPT, but they are limited in functionality and not context-specific. These 'out-of-the-box' tools often offer only diffuse productivity gains, as they have an agnostic layer that allows for privacy-compliant and efficient integration, but usually leaves little room for customization. Examples are ChatGPT, MS Copilot & Co.

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Context-Specific AI-Tools

Contextual AI solutions are characterized by the integration of business knowledge and data, making them a "real" productivity booster. Compared to standard off-the-shelf AI products, the development requires a more complex approach. However, context-aware tools offer the opportunity to precisely meet specific business requirements and generate maximum benefits.

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AI-Based Products
& Services

AI-based products and services represent innovation in its purest form. Combining advanced technologies and creative approaches, these solutions stand out from the crowd. They are more complex to develop and require development resources. The result is products and services that set new standards and give your company a competitive edge.

Our Method

Method STEP 1


Building AI Awareness

The first step is to create awareness within your organization about the opportunities and benefits of AI. This includes internal briefings, workshops, and presentations that share knowledge about AI technologies and their potential applications.

The goal is to sensitize both management and employees and create the basis for an open discussion about AI-based innovations.

Method STEP 2


Building an AI Circle

Once a basic understanding of AI is established, an interdisciplinary team called the AI Circle is formed.

The AI Circle serves as a central hub for ideas, strategies, and initiatives related to the implementation of AI in the organization.

Method STEP 3


Discovering AI Potential & Developing a Roadmap

Within the AI Circle, work begins on identifying specific AI potential within the organization. By analyzing existing processes, products and services, areas are identified where AI can add significant value.

Based on this analysis, a strategic roadmap is developed that prioritizes short-, medium-, and long-term AI projects, defines timelines, and allocates resources.

Method STEP 4


Agile Development of AI Applications

With a clear roadmap in place, the team initiates the development of AI applications in an agile process, which includes prototyping, testing, and iteration to ensure that the solutions developed would meet the company's needs.


AI in Action

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Automated Product Descriptions in 14 Languages

For a customer in the fashion industry, we developed an AI application for their online store, resulting in cost savings of up to 90%.
The situation: the eCommerce store had to store product descriptions for over 5,000 product variants in 14 different languages. The company was able to utilise AI to generate product descriptions in all the different languages.

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Automated Contract Management

In collaboration with our client, we developed an AI-powered legal assistant based on extensive data collection and RAG (Retrieval Augmentation Generation) data processing, which increased the efficiency of processing legal queries by 80% and significantly improved the quality of responses. This has resulted in faster response times, increased business partner satisfaction, and improved internal efficiency, as even complex queries can now be answered accurately via chatbot.


Our AI Experts

Talentship is backed by a team of highly experienced CTOs from well-known digital companies in Germany, and a team of 100 top-notch developers. With over 25 years of experience in data, software development and infrastructure, we have developed numerous AI applications and models since 2018, e.g. in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. In 2023, we have successfully implemented AI across the board in several mid-sized companies. Few can seriously claim this today.

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Provide Context

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Let's Meet

We will discuss your current challenge – from CTO to CTO.